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About COREMATIC Engineering

Corematic Engineering provides R&D services to businesses that want to de-risk innovation and automate their operations keeping full control of their IP.

Bringing a proven engineering process that combines state-of-the-art R&D practices with a return on investment approach, our new-generation mechatronics engineer tailor solutions in robotics, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning to empower businesses to lead Industry 4.0.

“At Corematic, we never push a particular technology or brand. We’re unbiased in our role as consultants, presenting options and giving clients the freedom and control to choose what they want to do.”

Scott Hansen & Jonathan Legault,
Founders of Corematic

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In 2018, Scott Hansen and Jonathan Legault created COREMATIC ENGINEERING with the vision of bringing a different R&D approach to the Australian business landscape with a savoir-faire and a strong knowledge focusing on an agnostic approach to technology. Happy clients equal successful business - This success story of those two seniors industry leaders who live and breathe client success led Corematic to reach 2 million in two years. As a self-funded company, we’re fully funded by our customers—not investors, subsidies or government grants.

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Corematic is now referred to as disruptors in the robotic and business intelligence industry, providing turnkey solutions for complex problems that made black box solutions obsolete. Thanks to our projects and establishment in robotics and automation, we have been awarded referrals to different organisations including our award for our Harvester Mounted Vision System ‘TallyOp’ that allows farmers to optimise efficiency and boost yield performance to simplify and enhance farm management decisions through detailed insight.

Our highly valued expertise in robotics, artificial vision, and machine learning has been applied to multiple projects, revolutionising the power of business intelligence in the Australian landscape. We have worked on multiple projects with some of the most esteemed leaders in the Australian agriculture, smelting and pharmaceutical industries so far!

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