Corematic CEO

Jonathan Legault

Co-founder | CEO at COREMATIC Engineering

In 2018, my co-founder Scott Hansen and I founded Corematic. With the vision of bringing a different R&D approach to the Australian business landscape, we combined our savoir-faire and strong knowledge to focus on an agnostic approach to technology. After just one year in business, we were seen as disruptors in the robotic and business intelligence industry. We provided turnkey solutions for complex problems that made black box solutions obsolete!

There needs to be a 2.5%* increase in productivity each year for Australia’s high standard of living to continue. Australia’s ageing population means that this cannot come entirely from labour productivity. It will be vital to include robotics and automation moving forward. COREMATIC is in the perfect position to deliver in this environment!

In the past 2 two years, our highly valued expertise in robotics, artificial vision, and machine learning has been applied to multiple projects. We have helped revolutionise the power of business intelligence in the Australian landscape. We have worked on multiple projects with some of the most esteemed leaders in the Australian agriculture, smelting and pharmaceutical industries so far!

So, how do we stay ahead?

Services and collaboration are the major influences behind all Corematic’s decisions and actions.

One of the biggest traps for small businesses and companies has been deciding first on software or technology before really understanding the economy, community, and industries they work with.

In fact, nine of the top twenty reasons for start-up failures are to do with not meeting customer’s needs, not listening to them or, even worse, ignoring them. *

At Corematic, we never push a particular technology or brand. We’re unbiased in our role as consultants. We present options and give clients the freedom and control to choose what they want to do.

Indeed, it’s simple as that. – We build a team of experts capable of ensuring that science and research meet the needs of industries, the economy and the communities.

Build your business around your community, not the alternative

How many start-ups can proudly say that they were 100% financed by their customers? Not a lot.

Trust is the heart of our collaboration. Turning our customers’ ideas into reality with strong partnerships and creative collaboration is what led Corematic to success.

Trust is the heart of our collaboration. Turning our customers’ ideas into reality with strong partnerships and creative collaboration is what led Corematic to success.

Trust is the heart of our collaboration. Turning our customers’ ideas into reality with strong partnerships and creative collaboration is what led Corematic to success.

Australia’s welcoming was a big part of our success. Thanks to those who believed in our capacity to change the robotics industry and provide the control on new technologies that help their business grow. Despite the fact that we are a start-up, our clients have believed in us since the beginning. And were comfortable engaging in 6-figure projects. Corematic exists thanks to, and through its community since Day One – that’s why we were profitable since the first month!

We are so proud of the fact that all of our clients have since returned to re-engage on other projects and continuing their journey with us.

To know more about how we build a self-investor business, read this article.

Less time at a desk, more time in the field

It’s nice to be seen as a company that’s keeping up with the latest trends and best location in the city. But have you considered whether you’re actually fulfilling your requirements for success in a practical and cost-effective way?

Corematic decide to open its first office in Bundaberg to be closer to its customers in the agriculture industry. Why’s that? The reason is as simple. Why open a business in the heart of Brisbane City when your clients are in the field 24/7 using your technology and need guidance or someone to talk to.

Yes, at the end of the day, for a business to grow, its numbers must grow.

Nothing is more important than to meet communities and businesses who place trust in you. Expertise and marketing strategy works hand in hand but are not as efficient as nurturing relationships.

I believe one of the best reasons for the success of Corematic is that we’ve built a great team on our side that can work collaboratively with the client. You can’t achieve this with a Facebook page.

After all, consciousness is the new currency in the business market model – and you often get back tenfold what you spend – even after you’ve arrived at that hard-earned seven figures.

So, what’s next for Corematic?

Exceptional results cannot be driven by purpose alone. We still continue to focus on delivering positive experiences for all who are engaged in our business, from employees to customers, across different industries and locations.

As Corematic enters its third year with positive cash flow, we are proud to announce that we are extending our team with an additional two engineers, as well as a sales development manager, and a marketing manager. We are certain that these additions will make us even stronger and better prepared for another year of success.

What does it mean for Corematic?

We will keep growing by offering opportunities to people who share the same values, approach challenges with passion, and are ready for the next step in expanding the business around the world!

Stay tuned!


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