According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were over 2.3 million trading businesses in the Australian economy at the start of the 2019-2020 financial year. That’s a lot of businesses vying for consumer attention—it’s no surprise many fail soon after commencing operation. As an R&D technology company, we had a lot of work to do to gain recognition.

COREMATIC’s story, however, is one of immediate success. We bucked the trend of struggling start-ups by being profitable at the end of our first month. 

Moreover, during this time of uncertainty and economic upheaval, we have continued to remain in a positive position thanks to the early work we did to scale our operations. We also ensured we had well-established remote work capabilities as well as a strong foundation in business digitisation and automation.

So how did we do it?

We’re fully funded by our customers—not investors, subsidies or government grants 

Specialising in r&d technology, robotics, artificial vision and machine learning, our young and dynamic team hit the ground running in July 2018 with a service and, crucially, customers in need of that service.

Too many start-ups begin with an idea but fail because they haven’t properly gauge the market.

At COREMATIC, we focussed on identifying our clients (government, pharmaceuticals, construction, agriculture, smelting, heavy industries). Not coming up with an idea then hoping to find clients—or a lifeboat!

We pitched our clients, not our ideas

For us, it was about putting the all-important needs of clients first. 

We looked at trends and saw that, over the past decade, business advertising seemed to shift from being about ‘delivering a product’ to ‘delivering a service’. 

Many start-ups focus so much on their product that they can’t see the forest for the trees. At COREMATIC, we set out to provide a service that answered an identifiable market need—the products came later.

Happy clients equal successful business

This philosophy of putting clients first has permeated everything we do. We believe if a client is happy with our performance, they’ll offer us more projects moving forward.

Unlike some competitors, we avoid the ‘black box model’ of design which wouldn’t allow customers to understand the inner workings of what we do. We want clients to return to us because they’re happy with us, not because we’ve shackled them to our products.

If a customer pays for our services, research and development, we believe the entire IP belongs to the customer. This is open and transparent design, and the proof is in the pudding.

We haven’t had a client who hasn’t engaged us a second time. All of our customers have at least two projects with us and we average 4.7 projects per customer.

It’s a case of ‘if you love someone, set them free’—and we love our clients!

Not content with clients just being happy (or ecstatic!), we want them to feel in control.

We never push a particular technology or brand. We’re unbiased in our role as consultants, presenting options and giving clients the freedom and control to choose what they want to do and how they want to utilise r&d technology.

Of course, we’ll always provide our recommendations, but at the end of the day, it’s the client’s choice. We don’t force clients to adopt a specific brand of product.

We feel the passion

The final ingredient to our continued success is the ace team we’ve curated along the way.

No business can succeed without people behind it who believe in it and believe in it so deeply that their passion is infectious. We’re lucky to have that.

When you see the same fire in the eyes of new staff as founding members, you know you’re onto something special. At COREMATIC, we’re a family of like-minded people who bring unbridled enthusiasm for cutting-edge AI, smart solutions and next-generation technology to a market-ready for it—a perfect recipe for success.