What is Car Damage Recognition?

What is Car Damage Recognition?   Image recognition, or computer vision, is the machine or computer’s ability to detect an object, feature, or valuable information from an image or a sequence of images (such as video). In the automotive industry, the first process of detecting vehicle damage is based on visual observation of the aesthetic state […]

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Spot the dog robot 3.0: new features

Corematic Spot the robotic dog branded

Want to better adapt your Spot Enterprise to operate in complex Australian environments? Spot 3.0 is the solution! Spot Release 3.0 adds functionality to make Spot robot dog the data collection solution you need for safer and more efficient inspection rounds! When it comes to complex environments such as mines, construction sites and oil/gas production […]

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Industrial automation advice

Industrial Automation provides a significant challenge to Australian manufacturers as labour costs rise and robotics become cheaper and more advanced. Understanding how to undertake an improvement project to automate a process is essential in achieving success. To help Australian manufacturers remain competitive in the current economic environment, it’s crucial to reshape their mindset. You can […]

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R&D technology with Scott Hansen

lets talk robotics and R&D technology with Scott Hansen

Let’s Talk Robotics with Scott Hansen   Here is our co-founder Scott Hansen ‘s r&d technology chat with Nicci Rossouw on ‘let’s talk about robotics’! At COREMATIC Engineering we believe that de-risking R&D is the best approach to advanced innovation in robotics, computer vision, and machine learning for businesses looking to automate and digitalise their operations without losing their IP. […]

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Advanced Safety Systems Australia For Truck Drivers

corematic downer group asphalt plant safety system

When it comes to safety, we are all concerned. Interview with Paul Costanzo, General Manager Assets at Downer Group on innovation with advanced safety systems Australia. At Corematic, we believe that proper safety and health cultures are paramount to ensure that all workers, and the public, on or near sites, return home safely at the end […]

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How can you embrace the robotic era?

Will a robot take my job? This is one of the most googled questions of late. The fear is nothing new. Just like in the late 1790s with the invention of the cotton gin, or the invention of the car in the 19th century, all innovations bring fear. What’s important to remember is that most […]

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3 Unmissable IoT Solutions

real time tablet and robot ams

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the world we live in and how we interact with others. Nowadays, practically all devices have an Internet connection that allows them to share data with any number of others. Even better, IoT gives us the ability to monitor a process from anywhere in the world. For example, […]

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Innovating Australian Agriculture

Australian agriculture truck in field

Unlike other industries, it’s rare to find a business in the Australian agriculture industry with an in-house research and development (R&D) team. Instead, farmers and other producers often rely on external engineering teams or large OEM to discuss their R&D needs. This externalisation of R&D leads many local producers to go to international manufacturing companies […]

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How We Used Engineering Solutions To Beat COVID

our start up beat covid with an engineering solutions approach

It goes without saying, but the novel COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge companies Australia-wide and internationally. It’s likely the effects will be felt for a long time. Just how long is uncertain but what’s clear is businesses, and start ups particularly, are feeling the burn more than ever. We took an engineering solutions approach to […]

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Australian Innovations, Time To Wake Up

Australian Innovations, Time To Wake Up

‘Lack of innovation in Australia’, ‘Australia’s barriers to innovation’, ‘Aussie businesses lack skills to put innovation into action’… these are some of the first results you find on Google when searching for ‘Australian Innovations’. That’s almost as painful as telling a Frenchman that Australian bread is just as good! So, how has that happened? There are […]

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