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AGROINTELLI is a Danish field robotics company, founded in 2015. AGROINTELLI’s goal is to make global food production more reliable, sustainable and profitable by offering a generic fully automated farming system for arable farms.

The company’s initial product is ROBOTTI, which is a diesel-powered autonomous platform with standard three-point hitch and power take-off (PTO) so that it can be fitted with standard farm equipment e.g. for crop tillage, seeding and weeding. ROBOTTI has research roots going back to early 2000. Since then, different versions have been tested around the world and valuable lessons have been learned.

Based on nearly 20 years of research and development, an advanced version of the robot, ROBOTTI 150D, was introduced to the market in November 2018. Manufacturing and distribution of ROBOTTI on a large scale is now the sole strategic focus of AGROINTELLI, motivated by current trends and challenges within the modern food production industry and the arable farming sector.

Automation is growing significantly in Australia and agriculture is an important sector in the country. ROBOTTI can play a significant role in automating the agricultural processes and therefore, we see Australia as an interesting market.” 

says AGROINTELLI’s CCO, Jakob M. Bebe