Katie McConchie

Katie McConchie

Digital Marketing Coordinator

To compete in Industry 4.0, you need access to and development of the latest emerging technologies to ensure your organisation is the disruptor rather than the disrupted. But how do you know you’re getting the best and most economical solution suited to your unique needs? Partnering with a vendor agnostic company leverages you with the right services, solutions, and technology to drive innovation within your organisation, maximising your business potential.

What Does Vendor Agnostic Mean?

A vendor agnostic or vendor neutral company does not push for a particular brand or technology. Instead, they offer an unbiased approach. Working with various brands and technologies, they find the best option to suit their customers’ unique needs.

Vendor agnostic means being open to all viable and established solutions. It also means having the proper support infrastructure to support their customers or prospects. In other words, a company that is vendor agnostic does not have ties to the products of a particular manufacturer. Nor are they bound by contract to work with any particular manufacturer or supplier.

At Corematic we are vendor agnostic. We believe that this is the best way to serve our customers. We want to help you find the right solution for your business, regardless of which brand or technology you choose. Having a solutions approach that is brand agnostic allows for greater flexibility and streamlines communication.

Why Not Go With An OEM?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM for short, is the manufacturer that builds and markets a product designed for end-users. OEM parts often cost more because they’re specifically designed for a niche market. Manufacturers need to market and sell their brand and will always try to do so out of their best interests. You’ll never find them utilising technology outside their scope.

Going with an OEM will cost your company significantly more than if you sought the advice of a vendor neutral provider. The OEM solution is often restricted to the specific use it was designed for, limiting customisation, flexibility and upgrades.

OEMs often phase out products and support to make technology obsolete and enforce technology refresh. This benefits the manufacturer greatly at the expense of the customer.

hand holding a computer chip

Benefits Of Working With A Vendor Agnostic Company

As an independent consultant who will recommend products from several companies, many benefits come with working with a vendor agnostic company. Organisations are not limited to any one brand or technology. Equipped with the flexibility to customise their solution to best suit their unique needs, they keep them ahead of the pack with cutting-edge technology. Some of the benefits are:

Lower Cost

When working directly with an OEM, businesses are often lured into a feeling of security and peace of mind. Companies are limited to choosing a solution from a small number of products, regardless of the cost. This often means spending significantly more on technologies with features that are not needed and won’t be used but are not negotiable.

A vendor agnostic approach allows the choice of a solution that supports a company’s needs while keeping its budget as the top priority. In addition, they leverage their strong relationships with manufacturers as authorised resellers to find or design the perfect device. These relationships come in handy when negotiating contracts and managing escalations. They may be able to offer you discounts on equipment or special pricing on orders, saving your business money.

Unbiased Support

A vendor agnostic partner doesn’t have sales targets to hit with suppliers. Because of their association with the technology services distributor, the partner has the choice of suppliers with no obligation or incentive to select one. With no stake in any brand or technology, you can always expect an honest opinion of what will work best for you.

In comparison to provider sales representatives who frequently jump companies, a vendor agnostic partner seeks to develop a long-term relationship with your organisation and act as a trusted technology advisor. They serve as an extension of your team and business and provide guidance and recommendations tailored to your needs.

They are vested in their own business – that is, to provide custom-fit solutions for each client’s individual needs. With a vendor agnostic partner like Corematic, you’re prevented from being pigeonholed into one service provider. We understand that what works for other businesses might not work for yours.

Customised Solutions

Selecting a vendor agnostic solution allows businesses to freely manage all aspects of their device while maintaining a seamless end-user experience. Vendor agnostic partners can package hardware components from multiple suppliers to design a customised solution to meet unique needs. In addition, having the option to mix and match hardware makes it easier to choose the best components based on price, performance, quality, size and more.

It’s also easier to replicate than the equipment provided by an OEM. After finalising the hardware, you can reproduce and modify it to fit your changing needs. The ability to replicate saves time and money as you don’t have to re-engineer each configuration from scratch. If a part is no longer available, it’s easy to find alternative, matching components.

Single Point Of Contact

Vendor agnostic partners can meet all your hardware needs. This includes updating, purchasing, and withdrawing technology. In other words, you’ll only have to contact one person if you have questions or need help with the technology.

Partner companies, who have a vendor agnostic approach, may take an extra step by obtaining authorisation to provide repair and replacement services for the consumable parts of their hardware. With one point of contact for everything, the entire process is simplified. This saves serious time that could be better spent on more critical tasks.

gantry crane on an aluminium smelter site

The Case Of The Aluminium Smelter

The Corematic Engineering Director, Scott, was attending to a project at an aluminium smelter. As they walk through the site, the operation Director points to an area where a gantry crane is moving in a small space.

The dangerous environment it was creating was evident. The potential for collision hazards with staff or equipment was high. The Director mentioned he’d be interested to know what we would have done to resolve the issue.

He pointed to the project they were working on to fix the problem. They were doing it in partnership with the OEM. It took over a year for them to come up with a solution before coming back with a solution to fix the issue for $75,000 per crane, and the smelter had 12 cranes on site.

That’s just short of a million dollars to fix the potential safety hazard! On top of that, as the Director pointed out, the crane proximity solution the OEM came up with was complex.

Even though we weren’t working on this specific project, Scott knew he could come up with a cheaper solution in a shorter time. He asked the Director if they had tried other technology, to which they said no.

With the technology already installed on one gantry crane, they had a Purchase Order in the works for the 11 remaining cranes. Scott asked them to hold off for two weeks and, in that time, developed a total crane proximity solution engineered in one system for $25,000 per crane.

Not only were we able to develop a complete system in two weeks by being brand agnostic, but we were also able to help the aluminium smelter save $600,000!

You cannot fault the OEM for their high price. They’re manufacturers, they have to sell their technology, but that doesn’t mean your company has to bear the cost! This aluminium smelter was lucky they decided to mention something to us. We were able to provide a turnkey solution in a drastically shorter space of time, saving them hundreds and thousands in expenses.