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Top Speed 3 MPH (1.6 M/S)

Operates in -20 C to 45 C

IP54 Rain and Dust Protected

Cameras enable 360* obstacle avoidance

Programmable AP

Self-rights after falls

Operates in -20 C to 45 C

Top Speed 3 MPH (1.6 M/S)

Programmable AP

IP54 Rain and Dust Protected

Cameras enable 360* obstacle avoidance

Self-rights after falls

Spot, the game-changer for your business

Automate remote and hazardous inspections with the most versatile robot.

Capture unlimited data on remote site, in real-time, from anywhere.

Improve operational efficiency with advanced mobility.

Keep control during critical task inspections and increase workplace safety.

Take full advantage of large and reliable data sets collection.

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Boston Dynamics Spot Mini Robot Dog

DISCOVER SPOT ENTERPRISE, the “corporate” version of the quadruped robot

Feature SPOT Enterprise
Tablet control Included
Autowalk Unlimited mission lengths
WiFi Dual band 802.11ac support (availability dependent on region)
Payload power Toggle via software in tablet or API
Self-charging Includes dock
High-speed data offload Quickly offload mission data through dock Ethernet connectivity
Metrics opt-out Opt-out of sending robot performance metrics back to Boston Dynamics
Enhanced safety options Safety stop function PLd category 3 per ISO 13849-1 available on payload ports

Corematic, the Official Accredited Partner to deploy and integrate SPOT in your business.

“Having a tool that can quickly, reliably get into everywhere that we need to get information and bring it back to us is invaluable to our business.”

- Iain McKillip, Manager of Mine Technical Services, Kidd Operations

“Being able to have Spot do inspections controlled by human operators gives an extra layer of safety and extra layer of troubleshooting for technicians and engineers.”

- Dean Berlin, Lead Technology Analyst, National Grid

“Every 12 hours, we follow the same path through the plant, and we’re assessing situational awareness. Spot is going to capture things we may not notice or that we're not always around to see.”

- Christopher Phillips, Production Technician, Woodside

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Solar Energy

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