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Our Services

How Corematic helps to deploy and integrate SPOT in your Industry.

Corematic is committed to providing all its expertise to make your Spot project a success, and this includes:

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Local support

Australian-based technical support and training advice. Working with us is having an innovative, established partner to work with and define together from your use case through to the after-sale support.

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Our engineers guide you to choose the right configuration for your use case and ensure that Spot is specifically configured for your needs, properly installed, tested, and maintained. We are responsible for providing you the best practices, as well as the highest quality customer service.

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Our local team has completed the Official Boston Dynamics training. The team is in direct communication with their technical and development department in order to provide you the best learning experience.

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Corematic expertise doesn't stop with the supply of Sport, our team is specialised in integrated the most complex vision systems within Spot to add real value into your processes. Spot is the perfect base to start an autonomous project.