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Corematic delivers and install payloads and accessories from our partner Boston Dynamics for Spot Robot Enterprise and Spot Robot Explorer.

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Arm accessory on Spot Robot

Spot Arm

The Spot Arm enables users to act on data insights and perform physical work in people-centric environments. This payload is equipped to operate through both semi-autonomous actions and telemanipulation and can be controlled through the Spot tablet or through the API.

Scout App Spot Robot

Scout Application

Discover SCOUT, a web-based application that allows to control your Spot robot remotely, anytime, from anywhere.

Open black box with charger accessories for Spot Robot

Spot Charger

Additional charger including all accessories for Spot robot.

Black and yellow battery box for Spot Robot

Spot Battery

Additional battery for Spot robot, enabling to perform longer missions!

Grey and black charging device for Spot Robot

Spot Charging Station

Meet Spot Dock, the self-charging station that transforms Spot into a truly autonomous remote inspection tool.

Black controller with screen and power cable for Spot Robot

Spot Tablet

Additional tablet to control your Spot robot, provided with the Spot Application.

Black electronic camera device for Spot Robot

Spot CAM+

Perform ultra-detailed inspections with the Spot CAM+, which adds a PTZ with 30x optical zoom to the Spot CAM.

Black infrared camera device for Spot Robot

Spot CAM+IR (Infrared)

Discover the SPOT CAM+IR with its integrated thermal camera, microphones and amplified speakers added to all the functionalities of the CAM+, for detailed and versatile inspection operations.

Black component with two ports for Spot Robot

Spot GXP (Ports)

Spot GXP jump-starts payload integration by providing several breakout ports from Spot’s main payload port.

Black and silver electronic device for Spot Robot


Spot CORE I/O enhances both the computation and communications available on the Spot platform.

Black and silver electronic device for Spot Robot

Spot EAP 2

Enhance Spot’s autonomy, computation, and communications by improving Spot’s autonomous navigation with LiDAR providing a range of up to 100 metres.

Black and silver electronic device for Spot Robot

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Radio Kit

Quickly establish a robust network to teleoperate Spot in lieu of WiFi on site.

Black and silver electronic device for Spot Robot

Persistent Systems Radio Kit

Enables point-to-point communications between Spot and its operator.

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Corematic Engineering is the Official Boston Dynamics Solutions Partner. We provide the complete range of payloads and accessories provided by Boston Dynamics, as well as local professional services in Australia.