Everything you need to know about the new CAN Bus protocol

autonomous car illustration

The rise of the smart, connected equipment is transforming competition. To implement “smarter” equipment, working knowledge of the accuracy of the data being transmitted throughout that equipment is needed. The controller area network (CAN) bus is the current interface to machine operation data transmitted between electronic control units (ECUs). Let’s start at the beginning, what […]

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Machine Vision Australia – Industry 4.0

machine vision inspection

Firms and Industries have started to understand the huge potential of Machine Vision Systems. Particularly in areas where redundant tasks, such as inspection, need seamless precision. Just like other tech, machine vision can free up valuable employee time by performing repetitive, time-consuming tasks! Machine Vision Systems are accelerating. While Facebook and Google are spending a […]

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Innovating Australian Agriculture

Australian agriculture truck in field

Unlike other industries, it’s rare to find a business in the Australian agriculture industry with an in-house research and development (R&D) team. Instead, farmers and other producers often rely on external engineering teams or large OEM to discuss their R&D needs. This externalisation of R&D leads many local producers to go to international manufacturing companies […]

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Machine Vision Australia

The Power of Machine Vision Systems

This is a serious lack of innovation opportunities in Machine Vision in Australia. The Australian Institute for Machine Learning – who are pushing to establish a National Centre of Excellence in Machine Learning – found that Australia is spending just a fraction of its GDP on artificial intelligence and machine learning when compared to its international […]

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Corematic Spot the robotic dog branded

Boston Dynamics and Corematic Engineering are partnering to bring the most versatile and advance autonomous robot in Australia, Spot Robot. Corematic Engineering is proud to announce that they have been chosen as the Official Accredited Boston Dynamics Partner for Australia and Spot the robotic dog. Corematic Engineering and Boston Dynamics have combined together with their […]