Experience The COREMATIC Difference

Referred to as industry leaders, Corematic Engineering earned this title by becoming industry disruptors. We are making traditional black box solutions truly redundant! Uniquely positioned to provide solutions for complex business problems, our team provides a unique R&D experience focusing on an agnostic approach to technology. OUR MISSION? To empower businesses and organisations with the […]

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Innovating With COREMATIC

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were over 2.3 million trading businesses in the Australian economy at the start of the 2019-2020 financial year. That’s a lot of businesses vying for consumer attention—it’s no surprise many fail soon after commencing operation. COREMATIC’s story, however, is one of immediate success. We bucked the trend of […]

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Innovating Australian Agriculture

Unlike other industries, it’s rare to find a business in the Australian agriculture industry with an in-house research and development (R&D) team. Instead, farmers and other producers often rely on external engineering teams or large OEM to discuss their R&D needs. This externalisation of R&D leads many local producers to go to international manufacturing companies […]

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The Power of Machine Vision

The Australian Institute for Machine Learning – who are pushing to establish a National Centre of Excellence in Machine Learning – found that Australia is spending just a fraction of its GDP on artificial intelligence and machine learning when compared to its international rivals, and will lose jobs without increased investment in the technology. While the […]

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How Our Start Up Beat COVID

It goes without saying, but the novel COVID-19 pandemic continues to challenge companies Australia-wide and internationally. It’s likely the effects will be felt for a long time. Just how long is uncertain but what’s clear is businesses, and start ups particularly, are feeling the burn more than ever. Even before COVID-19, it was tough for […]

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Wake Up Australian Innovation

‘Lack of innovation in Australia’, ‘Australia’s barriers to innovation’, ‘Aussie businesses lack skills to put innovation into action’… these are some of the first results you find on Google when searching for ‘Australian Innovation’. That’s almost as painful as telling a Frenchman that Australian bread is just as good! So, how has that happened? There are […]

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How to be a Successful Self-Funded Company in Australia

If there is one thing I’ve learned founding my own business in Australia, it is while it’s true that most successful start-ups receive external funding, this is not the only path to success. By working with personal savings to be self-funded and provide initial capital, or beginning thanks to the trust of people, all expenses must […]

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2 Years of Success: How We Did It

In 2018, my co-founder Scott Hansen and I founded Corematic. With the vision of bringing a different R&D approach to the Australian business landscape, we combined our savoir-faire and strong knowledge to focus on an agnostic approach to technology. After just one year in business, we were seen as disruptors in the robotic and business intelligence industry. […]

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