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The Home of
SPOT in Australia

Proud 'soul' partner of Boston Dynamics

Navigate Blind Towards Autonomy

Explore an autonomous navigation system for your machinery

Autonomous Multipurpose
Agricultural Robot powered by Kubuta

Corematic, Official distributor of Robotti

Connected Lubrication System

Do you still have manual lubrication activities in your organisation?

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We offer innovative, agile, and flexible engineering services

98% of customers return for more innovation!


“The team find time, always.”

“Scott and his team have taken the time to listen our business specifics. I was pleased by their capacity to understand our technical challenges. They met us in the field to assess the complexity of our environment. Scott brings practical innovation to our operations and pushes the entire Agriculture industry forward, which is what we really need.”

Braden Hellmuth

Braden Hellmuth, Head of Engineering, Automation and Technology
Greensill Farming Group and Sweet Potatoes Australia


“COREMATIC's innovation changed the game for us!”

“COREMATIC took over a complex project and managed not just to complete it but took it to the next level within the budget. They are simply the best at what they do. They work hard. The results are spectacular and well beyond what I thought possible.”

Paul Costanzo

Paul Costanzo, General Manager – Assets, Roads Infrastructure Services


“The passion and creativity they put into our projects is fantastic!”

“I've been following COREMATIC since 2018. Jonathan and Scott have a unique and personalised approach to business that provides the right technology and solutions with constant support. I have all the faith and trust in the world in these guys.”

Charles Zimmermann

Charles Zimmermann, Global Head of Projects Development and Technology
Rio Tinto


“We appreciate their dedication to bring our project to life.”

“Having the COREMATIC team along with us from the beginning of this green field project was definitely a key to realising our vision for a full advanced factory automation. Apart from expert advice we enjoy working with down to earth people who give us confidence to achieve our project goal.”

Nicolas Pichon

Nicolas Pichon, Bioprocess Engineering Manager
Servatus / Australian Biotherapeutics


“At the end of the day they provide us with what we want”

“We developed a great collaboration with COREMATIC Engineering. I’ve seen first hand their integrity and passion for the technology. They provide a personable yet professional approach with flexible and comprehensible methodology.”

Andrew Railz

Andrew Railz, Fleet Service Manager
Bundaberg Regional Council

Who We Are

We are

Benefit from the expertise and innovation of an expert company

COREMATIC is made up of passionate thinkers and doers. We believe that technology should serve you. With our services you will future-proof your organisation by leveraging the power of business intelligence via advanced computer vision technologies and the latest machine learning and AI science.

To design and develop your vision, we only recruit the best brains. Mastering the theories but always with a practical approach thanks to their solid industrial background. We strive to provide excellence and transparence.

With COREMATIC the traditional black box is truly redundant, you will own your IP and all work developed by our team. We are vendor agnostic and only give unbiased advise on brand or technologies. With COREMATIC you will experience the difference.


Our engine room is fueled by passion for engineering and innovation. Our love for the latest applied science allows us to efficiently harness emerging and advanced technologies to deliver real & practical intelligent solutions that solve complex problems.


Exceptional results cannot be driven by purpose alone. Fun is a primary driver in our relationships and our team culture helping us attract talent, opportunities, and long lasting industry alignments.


High up in our value system is trust and transparency, evident throughout all our relationships. Accountability is our recognisable and reputable attribute, and the major influencer behind all our decisions and actions.

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