Corematic and Formatt Machinery have together been announced as the official distributor to deliver the first robotic autonomous implement-carrier to Australian farmers.

Opening a New Chapter in the Robotics and Farming Industry.

Advanced robotics offer opportunities for rapid growth with the potential to positively impact society in multiple ways. After 20 years of research and development, the Robotti system is the most advanced versatile and autonomous agricultural robot able to solve multiple tasks in the field throughout all farming seasons.

Technology helps to establish a direct relationship with the most advanced experts all around the world, and Agrointelli is one of them. We are thrilled to be the official distributor of Robotti, offering a robust, powerful, and autonomous precision solution for the Australian farming industry. – Jonathan Legault, CEO of Corematic.

Robotic tool-carrier

Robotti, which can be used for various tasks such as weeding and sowing, is a powerful ag-robot with a traditional diesel hydraulic setup which has the capability of operating hour after hour – even during the night.

With labour shortage becoming a more challenging issue every day and the underlying need to increase productivity, the need to bring innovation and automation to our farmers is evident. Farmers are pressing us more and more to see an autonomous system functional here in Australia. After months of discussions with Formatt Machinery and Agrointelli, we decided to bring a first unit over in spite of all the challenges posed by international shipments and travel restrictions. – Cyril Delorme, Key Account manager at Corematic Engineering.

Robust and Reliable

The autonomous solution features GPS mapping technology enabling it to follow pre-programmed planned routes in the field at speeds of up to 3mph, and 5mph where permitted. It has two Kubota 75hp diesel or bio fuel engines; the left engine propels the machine and powers the conventional 3-point hitch, meaning it can be fitted with standard implements and perform multiple tasks in the field throughout the season.

While most agricultural robots are dedicated to a single function or require the farmer to exclusively commit to closed systems, AGROINTELLI provides a flexible platform solution that is built from the ground up to answer the core needs and challenges of farm owners – while helping them improve their environmental footprint.

By establishing a leading presence in the field of robotics, AI and Machine Learning, COREMATIC has invested in development of new technologies, including providing R&D services in field such as autonomous navigation systems, smart factories, yield and heat mapping, and smart farming solutions. Corematic also contributes by enhancing safety in complex environment and security on site for construction and manufacturers, leading companies to embrace automation and digital transformation.

The combination of the highly complementary expertise and technology from  COREMATIC, FORMATT, and AGROINTELLI will propel commercialisation of the versatile and autonomous agricultural robot in Australia.

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Two official dates to launch Robotti in the Queensland regions of Toowoomba and Bundaberg will soon be released for the ag-robot to meet industries, communities, and experts.

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