Want to better adapt your Spot Enterprise to operate in complex Australian environments?

Spot 3.0 is the solution!

Spot Release 3.0 adds functionality to make Spot robot dog the data collection solution you need for safer and more efficient inspection rounds! When it comes to complex environments such as mines, construction sites and oil/gas production facilities, Spot is the only choice. Additionally, Spot is especially adapt in adverse environments with its autonomous and mobile data gathering platform. Furthermore, the robot dog is comfortable in power plants and electrical switch yards. As well as, chemical plants, breweries, automotive plants, as well as other living and breathing industrial facilities that were not originally designed to have a robotic presence!

In light of numerous case studies and communication with clients, Boston Dynamics release 3.0 adds functionality to make Spot the data collection solution that Industries need for safer and more efficient inspection rounds.

What is the advantage of Spot 3.0?

Together with improvements in flexible autonomy and repeatable data capture, the new features of Spot 3.0 focus on making Spot more efficient to operate in a restricted and dangerous industrial environment. After numerous case studies and testing on industrial customers site, Boston Dynamic re-engineered Spot’s autonomy system to do building scale mapping, adapting the robot for more complex sites including construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing industry.

Release 3.0 adds powerful new capabilities to Autowalk, enabling operators to record autonomous missions that implement dynamic sensing site-wide.

What are the new features of Spot 3.0 to fit complex sites?

Improved Automated Inspection Routines:

  • Repeatable image capture. One technical nugget in this release is the powerful pan/tilt/zoom camera on the robot to take images of gauges and panels. With a new scene-based alignment and also computer vision model-based alignment, Spot can capture the same image from the same angle every time with scene-based camera alignment for the Spot CAM+ pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

Asset Inspection in confined / restricted / dangerous area:

  • Manipulation: Spot can now handle push-bar doors and dynamically replan in complex environments. Remotely operate the Spot Arm with ease through rear Spot CAM integration and split-screen view.

What is the benefit of Spot 3.0?

Spot 3.0 is ideal for Asset Inspection predominantly.

Main benefits for the Australian Industry and complex environment sites:

Improved autonomy for Auto walk. Thanks to mission planning and scheduled missions that enable Spot to perform and take the shortest path to collect data. don’t miss inspections due to changes on site! Operators are now able to record autonomous missions that implement dynamic sensing site-wide.

More reliable data collection. Spot can operates in remote and complex environment without internet connections. Spot 3.0 uses models from TensorFlow or choose a model from the API library to carry out inspection tasks such as gauge reading, thermal analysis, or acoustic anomaly detection. This adds valuable context to teleoperation and turning raw mission data into actionable signals at the edge!

Additional new features with Sounds. Keep trained bystanders aware of Spot with configurable warning sounds.

How to apply Spot 3.0 to my actual spot robot?

Spot 3.0 is purely a software upgrade and all existing Spot customers can benefit from the new features. The highlights of Release 3.0 include autonomous dynamic replanning, cloud integration, some clever camera tricks, and a new ability to handle push-bar doors.

Ultimately, Spot gets more dynamic and autonomous with the update 3.0. All industries and businesses with the existing Spot can benefit from the new features by contacting the Corematic Team for an update.

Our team has been selected to be the official Boston Dynamics Partner in Australia.

Our engineers are accredited Boston Dynamics Partners ©. We guide you to choose the right configuration for your use case. Our engineers ensure that Spot is specifically configured for your needs, properly installed, tested, and maintained. We are responsible for providing you the best practices, as well as the highest quality customer service.

Our services package includes: local support, commissioning, customisation and spare time.

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Spot is available for commercial purchase by contacting our sales team.

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